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Portuguese Water Dogs
Julie's Porties is a family owned breeder of  Portuguese Water Dogs, committed to pro- ducing dogs sound in mind and body that conform to the breed standard.  Our kennel has been inspected by the American Kennel Club and found to be in compliance with
AKC Care & Conditions policies
We are proud of our dog's fully certified health, including eyes, hips and heart.  Although we enjoy many different breeds, the "Portie" holds a special place in our hearts.
Each one of our Portie's has enriched our lives in countless ways and taught us the meaning of words like loyalty, intelligence, enthusiasm, energy and of course comedy relief. If you would like to be provided with hours of "personality plus" paired with a non shedding breed,
you came to the right dog.  Portie's adore their families and want to be included in all family
activities. When it comes to training, consistency is definitely key.  Your PWD will respond to praise and treats, but should never be disciplined with physical correction or shouting. This thinking breed is sensitive and will cause your dog to
develop avoidance behaviors. They have the desire to please, and are well-behaved by nature so a bit of patience goes far with the Portie.  Their high level of intelligence and energy can lead to boredom and sometimes mischief.  Daily walks, a game of fetch, obedience training or a play session is necessary to keep your Portie happy and well adjusted. 

Lets not forget about swimming! After all, that is precisely what they were bred for.  PWDs  have the webbed feet and powerful, thickly based tail used as a rudder to prove it. The PWD breed standard was originally developed in the 1930's in Portugal, and was refined to be a loyal, companion that accompanied the fisherman on their boats. The PWD was re- quired to spend long hours working in the sea and on boats taking out nets and lines, placing and retrieving traps, and acting  as couriers to other boats or to shore.  Although most of us aren't fortunate enough to live close to the ocean, a pond, lake or even a swimming pool will be a welcome site to your Portie today.  

We understand that the Porti's adorable looks and personality can rope just about any dog lover into inviting one of these puppies into your home.  For many people, having a companion to walk, run, play with, greet you with a vigorous tail wag when returning home, or just snuggle and share the day with describes how a dog might fit in with your home life.   Although the well bred PWD certainly fits this mold, not everyone is cut out to address the lifestyle that works for owning a Portuguese Water Dog.  We encourage all new potential owners to speak with us or other breeders and owners, ask questions and find out if the Portie is right for you and your family.

Warmest Regards,
Julie Lindsay
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